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American Commemorative Quilt - Sarah Holcomb

(Item: NM - 1)
Sarah Holcomb made this exquisite album quilt in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in 1847, " in Rememberance of her friends and relations". This is the message she inscribed in the center medallion at the top of her quilt, along with these words: "It is religion that must give sweetest/Pleasure while we live/It is religion that must suply/Solid comforts when we die/For after death, its joys shall be,/Lasting as eternity/When this you see/Remember mee" . Holcomb used traditional applique patterns in her quilt blocks, inspired by "scherenschnitte", German cut-paper designs. These are masterfully executed, but it is the personal touchs and attention to detailthat sets this quilt apart from other album quilts of its time. Holcomb's use of color and selection of fabric contribute to the harmony, grace, and unity of the overall design. This quilt can be seen in the book "NEW DISCOVERIES IN AMERICAN QUILTS" by ROBERT BISHOP, 1975; page 84. It was displayed in the exhibit,"MADE TO REMEMBER, AMERICAN COMMEMORATIVE QUILTS", New York State Museum, and Cornell University, 1991.


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