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Keen's Clay Pipe Churchwarden

(Item: SA-PIPE)

Keen' Steakhouse in NYC 

has the world's largest collection of Churchwarden Pipes.Long ago, churchwarden pipes were made of clay and were commonly found in taverns and inns. In fact, according to Keens, “The tradition of checking one’s pipe at the inn had its origins in 17th century Merrie Old England where travelers kept their clay at their favorite inn – the thin stemmed pipe being too fragile to be carried in purse or saddlebag."

Origins of the Clay Pipe

The clay pipe is thought to have been inspired by the pipes used by Native Indians of the North American Continent. Subsequently, the mariners who traveled back-and-forth between the Americas and Europe soon took up the habit and passed it along to the ports they visited around the world.

The earliest clay pipes surfaced in Europe circa 1580-1600. Soon thereafter, potters from England and Holland adapted their craft to produce clay pipes. In the early part of the 1600’s, potters produced pipes with small bowls. This distinct feature wasn’t so much of a design choice as it was a necessity. During that time, tobacco supplies were scarce and the costs high. A small bowl helped the smoker prolong their supply.

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Our small souvenir pipe is embossed Keen's on one side and Holland on the other.

W. 3"″ 

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